Unity Plugins

SoundManagerPro is a powerful and easy-to-use sound and music system for Unity, both Pro and Free (3.5.4f1 or higher).

This plugin features it’s own music managing AI to make sound integration into your project quick and easy. Not only is it easy, but it is done with style to add that extra UMPHForget about saving programming music for last, make it quick,easyimpressive and FANCY with SoundManagerPro. All with minimal overhead.

SoundManagerPro works in an interesting way which separates itself from the competition. It uses its own SoundConnection class. SoundConnections tie a list of AudioClips, a method to play them, and various other variables to a scene. Then, the AI will take it from there. Each time you enter a scene, it will just know what to do. Don’t worry, SoundManagerPro is flexible and this setup is not required. It just helps you quickly set up a backbone for your project. SoundManagerPro gives you the option to still use it’s AI however you want to.

Available HERE on the Unity Asset Store.


  • Full Inspector Integration, Setup, and Editing
  • Sound Managing AI
  • Sound Effects (SFX) Management and Pooling System with extra versatile modification real-time
  • Sound Effects Capping System to prevent too much of the same sound playing at once
  • NGUIPlayMaker2d Toolkit, UFPS and DF-GUI integration included
  • ALL CODE AVAILABLE to see. Modify it as you please
  • MonoDevelop method comments included. Know what functions do as you type so you don’t have to constantly check documentation
  • It’s own AudioClip Loading system for efficiency and flexibility
  • Crossfading
  • Option of Code-Free Implementation
  • Common play methods found in Audio Players: Repeat, Shuffle, Delay (among many)
  • Developer Options to turn off music or show more information
  • An elaborate Demo Scene to show you what you can do
  • Flexible Event System
  • Scripting Reference Available on our site.
  • Plugin Support and Updates
  • Possible 5-minute music integration
  • C# and JS compatible
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Singleton Perfect included for Free. Make any script a Singleton easily. It will always work, even if it doesn’t exist.
  • And much more!

Use the set up demo to see how the basic implementation of SoundManagerPro works! Switch scenes by clicking the colored buttons.

Make your Unity game more like an iOS game with MustHave iOS!

MustHave iOS is a new supplementary UI Kit that will make your Unity games feel like native iOS games.  Gain full custom access to the iOS UIKit with MustHave iOS.  This is available to you due to a new customized way for Unity and the iOS SDK to interact together–which is built specifically for this plugin.  With this amazing feature, we are able to let you do many things.  For instance, you can use all the UI you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use (PickerViews, TableViews, etc).  You can also use Unity files and data types to interact with the iOS SDK.  These are only few of the many benefits provided with MustHave iOS.

With this plugin, there is NO NEED to code in two places or figure out how to do the complicated communication.  With MustHave iOS, you won’t have to worry about your custom code getting overwritten when you build out.  Everything is kept within Unity so you only build with one platform.  We will keep building this plugin as the iOS UIKit grows!

Here are some of the benefits of MustHave iOS:

:: Easily access the iOS UIKit from within Unity:

:: ViewControllers, Popover and Navigation Controllers.

:: Views, AlertViews, ActionSheets, ScrollViews,

:: NavigationBars, Toolbars, Buttons, TextFields,

:: TextViews, Pickers, DatePickers, ImageViews,

:: Labels, and much more!

:: Control specifically how native UI works.

:: Better code readability with C#.

:: No need to touch a lick of Objective-C code.

:: Forget Objective-C memory management.

:: No need to learn the Objective-C class model.

:: Code in one environment, Unity.

:: Use Unity data types for UIKit:

:: Texture2D<->UIImage, Rect<->CGRect,

:: Vector2<->CGPoint…etc

:: Extend MHiOS with your own custom templates!

:: Feel free to sell your own templates!

:: Get Must Have iOS! It’s worth the purchase.


– BEFORE YOU START, please, please build out the Tutorial Scene provided to you in ‘Assets/MustHave/iOS/Tutorial’.  Follow the tutorial while looking at the comments in the Tutorial scripts to guide you.

– DO NOT MOVE THE SCRIPTS in the ‘Assets/Plugins/iOS’ folder.  This is placed specifically to be added to your XCODE project.

– The classes, enums and functions are named identically to the iOS SDK! The only difference is that the classes and enums replace ‘UI’ with ‘MH’.  So UIViewController becomes MHViewController.

– Look at the Recommended Image Settings before using images

– Refer to the Apple UI Kit Interface Catalog for documentation