AntiLunchbox is a mobile game developer based in New York, New York. We make downloadable mobile games and gave development tools. Since our founding in 2013, we've quietly made a name for ourselves in the game industry. The name is derived from the name of a 162 year old room at the Zeta Psi chapter a Tufts University, where AntiLunchBox was originally created. AntiLunchBox currently has brought one game to the market - Gods & Mazes


In the summer of 2009, AntiLunchBox was officially an idea. Back then, the founder was sitting in his newly assigned room, dubbed the 'anti-lunchbox' because it was across the hallway from the 'lunchbox'. Every room on the right side of the house was the 'anti' of the room on the left. All he knew was that he eventually wanted to create his own great game, something that would change the game industry. To do that, he would have to create a great idea and figure out how to make it with no game programming experience or funding whatsoever.



In 2010 after college, the founder Patrick Antoine decided to relentlessly look for game industry jobs in New York. It took several months, but during that time the game design document for AntiLunchBox's first game started. After eventually landing an unpaid internship, he worked his way up and began to learn how the game industry worked.


His first change of jobs landed him in a game development role even though he never programmed a game or launched a product before. It was during this time that he learned Unity. While working on countless projects, he took note of do's and don'ts for mobile games, hoping to eventually apply it to his first personal game. To start, he came up with a concept for a game called Tenebro. The game revolved around a man with an arm wrapped in bandages that granted him insane powers. The goal was to revolutionize action games with a rhythm-based combat system.


After a few years in game development, Patrick decided he wanted to focus on only programming for himself. It was then that Tenebro was killed as a concept completely. However, it was killed for something better to replace it! Enter Lucid Sleep, a game about the sheep mob trying to put a lucid dreaming kid to sleep. Since the kid was lucid dreaming, he could almost do and transform into anything. The concept was open to many interpretations and was well received as an idea.


After finishing the Lucid Sleep concept, Patrick had to come to terms with it not being the right time to develop it. It wasn't the right 'first game' to make. This was probably one of the hardest decisions to make at the time since he was so passionate about the concept. So Lucid Sleep was killed with the hope to revive it sometime in the future. Gods & Mazes took it's place, taking about a year to design.


Patrick knew he would have to fund Gods & Mazes so he created SoundManagerPro and MustHave iOS to sell on the Unity Asset Store. In 2012, AntiLunchbox Studios was officially formed and Gods & Mazes was funded using the success of those plugins.


It was around this time that Patrick started working at Nickelodeon, producing their online desktop and mobile games. During the day he made games for Nickelodeon, and at night he worked on Gods & Mazes. It was at Nickelodeon that he advanced his acumen for game design and applied it to Gods & Mazes.


In December 2014, Patrick was hit by a cab! Actually quite literally. During recovery from 2 herniated discs, Patrick went full on into development mode. He hired and managed freelancers to help his former 1-man show create his dream. After a year of recovery, the game was finally in it's final stages after 3 years of development!


The Gods & Mazes beta went live in Canada in May 2016. The goal was to develop a next-generation game that would revolutionize one of the oldest and underrepresented game genres around, maze games. It drew inspiration from many great games like Pac-Man, Bastion and Candy Crush. Using a combination of the best features of those games, Patrick designed a game around his love for Greek mythology. Out came a story about a boy trying to lead his dead girlfriend out of the underworld. It would be easy if only they did not have to outsmart Hades' deceitful tricks to trap them. Patrick thought it was important to avoid the overplayed damsel-in-distress trope, so he wanted the girlfriend to be a useful ally and companion. The girl became the requirement to activate all the powers granted from the Gods--she would be as useful to the boy as the boy was to her.

Apart from the story, there were three things Patrick really wanted to focus on. The first was beautiful art; he originally wanted to create a 2D pixel art game, but as the direction for development became clearer it evolved into low-poly 3D. The second was controls; he had a vision for a drag-gable smart joystick that would set itself apart from most mobile joysticks. Lastly the third was social, which lead him to incorporate social networks to support and compete against friends.


Since the start of the company, Patrick has killed game ideas at various stages of development. It is incredibly difficult to design new games and it doesn't get easier. While AntiLunchBox is excited to see where Gods & Mazes goes, Patrick knows that failure would only make the next game better. Life isn't life without taking risks--and taking risks means you fail more often than you succeed.

AntiLunchBox has changed a lot since that college dorm room. Along the way, experience has brought about a core belief:

Make something you're happy with completely.

Patrick didn't make AntiLunchBox to make money (though paying student loans would be nice!), he made it for an opportunity to do something he's always dreamed of. All he can hope for is for you to love it as much as he does.



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